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Betsy's Backyard Follies - headshot The BACKYARD FOLLIES musical revue opened in 1945 in a tiny town in Pennsylvania in my Aunt Mabel's backyard. I would make up shows, produce and direct them myself, so of course I was always the star. I collected bits and pieces of things that I found in an old trunk in the attic, dressed up in them and pretended to be all of the fascinating people I could think of - Claudette Colbert, Carmen Miranda, Charlie Chaplin - I played them all. The show was called the BACKYARD FOLLIES.

Now, I've brought those shows back to life and am entertaining senior citizens of the Florida Condo Circuit with a one-woman musical revue. It's a nostalgic, vaudeville style extravaganza with songs and dances of the 30's and 40's featuring tributes to Ginger Rogers, Sally Rand, Al Jolson, the Andrews' Sisters, and the veterans of World War I, World War II, and Korea. There are "oldies," a fan dance, a tap dance, a waltz, a kitchen band, and a ride in a model-T. The finale is a "rum-tumming" salute to the veterans of our Armed Forces.

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